Friday, November 2, 2007

California here we come...right back where we started from!

We're California at least. Its Friday evening and we're parked somewhere between Needles and Barstow in the middle of the desert off of the freeway. We traveled alot today, leaving from Grants, NM this morning, going all thru Arizona and now we're in CA.

We were so excited as we entered California...that is until we pulled off the freeway in Needles to look for diesel and were welcomed by the highest diesel prices we've ever seen in our lives....$3.89 per gallon! Yikes! When we left, the prices were around $2.85 and everywhere we went they were higher. We called Ron Sustaric at home to see what the prices are there and they are indeed cheaper than $3.89, but we don't have enough to last until Barstow where the prices are hopefully less. So Mike just put in about 10 gallons and still kicked himself until we parked for the night. Never has he paid that much for fuel in his life.

On a positive note....the mountains are so beautiful and its dry and clear. I love it. I love California. I can't believe tomorrow will be 7 weeks that we've been gone. Can anyone believe it? We made it! And we're still speaking? Of course....there's still a full day of driving ahead of us.