Thursday, November 1, 2007


And that makes me very happy! We are camped out again in the Walmart parking lot; this time in Grants, New Mexico. We're not too far from the Arizona border.

It was once again a very long day of driving. We left Texas this morning shortly after 8am and got here tonight at 10:00pm. It was a very uneventful day.....Mike driving and me reading and sleeping. Oh....yes...I'm very relaxed. I can't say as much for Mike though.

I perked up as we neared Albuquerque when I started to see the mountains. Ooooh, I them them so. The humidity is back to what we are used to and my hair is back to normal and I also noticed that the rings on my fingers are loose. My fingers apparently swell when its humid.

Tomorrow will no doubt be another long day of driving, unless we find somewhere we'd like to explore. I'll keep you posted.

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