Sunday, September 23, 2007

An entire day without traveling!

We actually spent our first day of not traveling and actually enjoying visiting an area. We walked all around Mackinaw City, checking out all the shops and of course, the food. So far the best food we've had on this trip is still the Mexican food in Elko, Nevada!

All thru the Upper Midwest, we kept seeing signs for "homemade pasties". Neither of us knew what these were, so Mike finally ordered one at a restaurant today. Does anyone know what one is?

We are feeling very fortunate to have hit the most perfect weather that this area has seen. It was about 78 degrees, sunny and not a cloud in the sky or any wind. It was a spectacular day. Mike talked me into going on a tour of the old, Coast Guard ship, The Ice Breaker Mackinaw, that was an ice-breaker for all the Great Lakes from 1944-2006. It was just uncommissioned a year ago and is now docked here. I have to admit, it was pretty interesting. The ship never had an accident in all of its years at work.
But as I looked off the edge of the ship, I daydreamed that I was on a cruise ship and it was moving!

Tomorrow we will take the ferry over to Mackinac Island. I especially want to see the hotel where one of my favorite movies was filmed, "Somewhere In Time". If you haven't seen it yet, rent it. Its a fantastic movie. I just bought the DVD today in case anyone wants to borrow it. The CD of the music from the film is also awesome! I'll let you know how that goes tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

You didn't say if the pasty filled you up or if you enjoyed it. It's a big meal, wrapped in dough,isn't it? Something like a hamburger with veggies or meat loaf?

Love, Mom