Sunday, September 23, 2007

Keep the Comments coming....

Well, we've been gone a week already....Keep the comments coming as we enjoy hearing from all of you!


Alice Pierson-Knapp said...

Hi Jeri - Hi Mike - what a great way to diary your trip and share with everyone along the way! We are, need less to say, much into packing, organizing and getting ready for Oct. 1st. Our buyers will make the final walk through tomorrow afternoon - will be here about the same time that the repair company is arriving to give us an estimate on the paint and stucco work (guaranteed to be completed before escrow closes!) - ought to be interesting! We had dinner and champagne at Lodge Road property Thurs. - beautiful sunset/weather - so looking forward to being there full time! All is moving forward - will keep you updated. Take care and send us some energy on the 1st. Alice

rach924 said...

Sounds like you guys are getting to see a lot! Ben says; "How many states have you been to? And, ummm... what have you been doing? Uh..." to be continued...

Jeff wants to know what your favorite state is? (Other than CA of course).

Leo says; "I love you to Papa Mike.............and Grandma Jeri."

Oh, Ben wants to know how (Papa Mike) got the tires off the motorhome?

We are all doing well here. Have fun in Niagra Falls!

The Eggs