Thursday, September 20, 2007

Going East

Well, from the middle of Montana on into North Dakota, the scenery was kinda blah. Flat land that looked dry and brown with small hills here and there. We stayed in a small town near the Montana/No. Dakota border last night, called Glendive.....a dive of town and NO internet...thus no blog entry. To demonstrate our boredom last night....Mike played 3 games of Yahtzee with me! I won 2 out of three....I had to add that. Anyway, for those of you who know Mike, that's pretty desparate!

Almost as soon as we entered No. Dakota this morning, it got greener. How weird that they are so close but it got greener as soon as we entered No. Dakota. Its much more pleasurable to drive along when its green rolling hills to look at. However, the hills come and go....but its still green. We're just leaving the big city area of Bismark, No. Dakota and heading I'll keep you posted.


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