Tuesday, September 25, 2007

A long drive sight-seeing with friends in Michigan

We enjoyed breakfast with Cheryl, Phyliss, Larry & Claudia and then left our hosts to do their work and the four wayward travelers ventured on our way sightseeing. For those of you who don't know our friends, Larry & Claudia Reeder, let me give you a brief background.

C & L (Claudia & Larry), were the first people we met when we moved to Tollhouse over 16 years ago. They were our next door neighbors (5 acres away!). So, we bonded and became extended family and socialized and traveled together over the years. Sadly, C & L retired over a year ago and moved to Oregon, where their son lives. Lo and behold, they are visiting their daughter outside of Flint, MI. this week, just as we were coming to Michigan. So, we met up and got to spend some time with them.

So, back to the story....we headed out on what we thought was a "3 hour tour" and ended up getting lost. All we were trying to do was to go to Lake Huron and follow the tour around the lake.....and 5 hours later....we finally found the lake. By then we were laughed out and exhausted and headed back home. That was another 2 hour drive. I had to get back to see Dancing with the Stars again tonight...so we ordered in pizza and had a relaxing evening. Nothing too exciting, just fun to visit and laugh with friends. We don't have much to say about this part of Michigan. Actually....I do have something to say as well to laugh at. Everyone had a nice laugh today watching my hair grow wider and wider due to the humidity! I didn't see how big it was until we stopped at a roadside county park to use the bathrooms and I got a peak at my hair in the mirror! Now I see how funny I looked! Hey ladies, forget the volumizing shampoo that the shampoo manufacturers adverise....just come to the midwest and the humidity and you too may gain "volume"!

Oh, just as we were heading back home, the skies were getting darker and we expected rain.
We made it home before it started and then it kicked in, thunder storms. My dad called in the middle of the storm as he heard the LA news stating a bad storm in Flint, MI. Imagine that?
Well, it seems the storm has passed and its cooling down some...so perhaps I can get some sleep tonight. We're off to Illlinois tomorrow!

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