Monday, September 24, 2007

We're in Grand Blanc, MI. (near Flint)

We got to Cheryl Reeder's home and went out for Mexican food. It was OK, but still doesn't compare to Elko or Velascos. Hey, its Michigan, what can we expect. It was a good attempt.

I got one answer to the "Pasties" question and yes, it is filled with meat and potatoes...but I think there are different kinds. Kind of like a beerock, for those who know what they are.

I never thought about how the realtors get around and show/tour homes on the Island. Very interesting thought. Hmmmm....I didn't think about it possible that I am relaxing? Now that I think about it tho, it must be pretty funny to walk your clients around house to house to show. Of course there's always the horse and buggy! our thoughtful reader..YEs, there WAS cell reception on the island. Hmmm, I can't get cell reception at home, yet when I go to an island, I can! Maybe I need to move to an island!

Well, I had a late night here as I had to stay up to watch Dancing with the Stars on PST, so it wasn't over til 12:30am and then I tried to sleep but it was so hot and humid....I tossed and turned all night. I'm just not used to the humidity.

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