Saturday, September 22, 2007

WOW!!! Michigan already!

Well, we left Wisconsin this morning. We woke up to perfectly clear, sunny skies...I took a walk with the dog, Mike rode his new bike. We then decided to leave and head for Michigan and try to reach Mackinaw City so we could stay put for a few days.

It was an all day drive and finally arrived in Mackinaw City after driving over the long, high and scary Mackinaw Bridge. We found a campground on the lake, but arrived too late to get a lakefront spot. Most people will be leaving tomorrow, so we may move to one of those spots. Went for a late night dinner and then back "home" to relax.

What will we do tomorrow? We had planned on taking the ferry to Mackinac Island but wouldn't you know our luck??? All of the Republican Presidential candidates are there at the big hotel for some kind of function. Maybe we'll go there on Monday.

A few hours before we got here, we pulled off at a rest stop for Mike to take a "rest". He opened the door and let lincoln out for a "rest" too. Well, before we realize it, he took off, apparently following a scent and we couldn't find him! It took alot of running around and calling him to finally find him just before he reached the highway! Needless to say, he was spanked and reprimanded and thrown in the motorhome. Now he is grounded! What a brat!

Stay tuned!

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