Monday, September 24, 2007

Mackinac Island

Well, we had a nice morning this morning. We took the ferry to Mackinac Island. It was a short 18 minute ride. Then we started walking around town and the shops weren't open yet, so we decided to eat breakfast.

Then we checked out the horse and buggy tours around the island and just decided to walk around ourselves thru the town and up to The Grand Hotel. Awesome! I have lots of photos to download when I have a fast internet hookup but I'm sure they didn't come out as beautiful as it was in person. You must see the movie "Somewhere In Time" to really appreciate it.

Walking thru the town, where no motorized vehicles are allowed, really took us back in time. It was neat to see everyone either walking, biking, horseback riding or riding in a horse drawn carriage. The homes and buildings are beautiful too. We got a chuckle from seeing the handyman service guys walking thru town, pulling their tool cart to the job. We took a photo of it too. Quite a site! Then we saw a horse pulling a rather large trailer and discovered that it was the trash truck! It really makes you change to a slower pace.

We got tired of walking and boarded the ferry for our return trip to the mainland to load up the motorhome and head south. We must say we had the most perfect weather the past two days. A storm is supposedly on its way...perfect time for these Californians to leave. We're heading south to Grand Blanc, a town just outside Flint, Michigan, to visit some good friends of ours, Claudia and Larry Reeder. They are coincidently here visiting their daughter, Cheryl, the same time we are here. So we're heading to Cheryl's house where we will dock our home on wheels for a day or two and visit. Cheryl is here for her medical residency. She is from Fresno area too.
(A Sierra High Graduate!) We were informed that we will be going to a good Mexican food restaurant tonight.....its about time for Mexican food as we haven't had any since Elko. I'll keep you posted but probably won't have time tonight as Dancing with the Stars comes on afte we get back from dinner!!!! I have to keep my priorities straight!
See ya. Jeri


David S said...

No cars? OH NO! Would I have to collect horse-drawn carriages?

How do Realtors caravan? How do Realtors show homes? HA HA HA!

Did you look at any home prices? May be a good place for a vacation home?

Ron & Pam Sustaric said...


Lauri said...

How's Mike doing? Is he ready to put you on a plane?