Thursday, September 20, 2007

We're in Minnesota already!

Well, we drove all the way thru South Dakota today and went north, crossed the river at the border and are now in East Grand Forks, Minnesota. We found a great campground along the river and in walking distance to restaurants. Its nice and green. Its pretty warm too...probably warmer than at home, so we hear.

Mike said he needs a back rub from all the driving he's been doing. I followed up with the comment that my upper back needs rubbing too from laying on the couch all day! He didn't like that comment very much. I guess I won't be getting a back rub tonight!

Tomorrow we'll journey further east. We've been traveling pretty ast thru the flat-lands and waiting to slow down when to come to territory that we like. I'll keep you posted.

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David S said...

Hey mom,

Those are some beautiful pictures! Can't wait to see them all! Good job!