Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We're in Ohio

Unfortuately, we decided not to venture into the Chicago area due to the sheer congestion and narrow road conditions and lack of places to park this bus. The closest RV park we found was in a place called Union...out in the direction of that was quite a ways from most of the family. Why don't you people have longer driveways???

Anyway, we continued east and are stopped for the night at a campground in Geveva on the Lake, Ohio...not too far from the Northern Pennsylvania border. It rained most of the way here, along with lots of lightening and thunder. Along with that came slippage and sliding due to our bad rear tires. We thought we could wait til we returned from the trip before buying those...but it looks like we'll be buying tires tomorrow in Erie, PA.!

One interesting fact we learned today.....Cleveland, Ohio is on the water! Neither of us knew this. It is on Lake Erie! Anyway.....we also made the observation that Michigan and Ohio look alot alike....if we hadn't sen all the road signs, we wouldn't have known that we changed states.
I guess I sound like a spoiled Californian......oh well.

One last comment on my "huge hair". Claudia mentioned this morning that while we were taking our extended "3 hour tour" yesterday and I was sitting in front of her in the front passenger seat, my hair was growing bigger and bigger and blocking her views. She had to keep moving to see "around" my hair!!!!! Oh, the humidity and mosquitos in the Midwest are such a welcoming reminder of my youth.

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David S said...

I have heard Ohio has some pretty areas? My landlord's are out on their massive road trip- only they are gone most of the year. They were in Ohio not too long ago- also went to Niagra Falls! Next time I hear from them I will have to see if they are anywhere near you!

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