Monday, October 8, 2007

Acadia National Park Today

We had a nice day driving around Acadia Nat'l. Park today, including driving ALL the way up to the highest mountain along the Atlantic coastline......and it was at 1500 ft. Its called "Cadillac Mountain" and its where the President's daughter recently got engaged. You'll notice the picture of me at the sign and yes, it was very cold, about 41 degrees and windy.

We've got some nice scenery on video....I'm telling you...we're going to have to have a video viewing party when we return. Any no, I don't know when that is yet. We're having too good of a time. Can you believe this workaholic is not ready to go back to work yet?

We went for lunch today at a restaurant called "The Log Cabin" and it was all uneventful until an apparently disgruntled customer started yelling at the waitress and a fight started. The waitress turned and walked to the kitchen and the customer followed her. Shortly thereafter, the customer came running out with some staff following her. The she (the customer) came back in, yelling some more, getting the owner out there and threatening to call the police on the waitress and all we heard was the owner saying that they should be the ones calling the police on the customer for assault. We don't know what it was about, but it was quite entertaining for about 15 minutes. The only problem was that the waitress was OUR our service was quite delayed. We just laughed since we weren't in any hurry and commented that we didn't know we were getting lunch and a show!

Our campground closes tomorrow for the season and so we'll be packing up and moving on., We're heading down Hwy 1 along the Maine Coastline. So, I'll be in touch as the journey continues.

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