Saturday, October 6, 2007

We're FINALLY in MAINE!!!!!

Finally...we're here! After 3 weeks of traveling, we finally got to where I've been wanting to go for so long. Yeahhhhhh. We actually crossed over the Maine border in just about 15 minutes after leaving our campground in New Hampshire, but our goal was to get to Bar Harbor on the Eastern seaboard and we're here! Little did we know that most places are closing down Tuesday, after the Monday holiday. Little did we realize it was a holiday weekend either! Anyway, we will stay here til Tuesday morning when the campground is shutting down for the season.

BUT, we found the most awesome campsite! We are in Bar Harbor Campground and we overlook the water and islands. Its awesome. And guess what.....we have satellite, phone and internet!!!!!!! I'm a very "happy camper". We didn't get settled in til just about dark, so we'll start exploring tomorrow. I am soooo excited.

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