Saturday, October 6, 2007

An answer to some comments/questions

No one was able to guess what was sticking out of my shirt back in the New York photo by the lake. Rachel asked what it was a Bounty dryer sheet. I've read many places that those sheets repel mosquitos. So, I packed a bunch of them. Aparently they work, because I haven't gotten a bite yet when I've remembered to put one on me. (I have gotten many bites before I remembered about the dryer sheets. Ohio was the worst place we've seen so far with the mosquitos, in case anyone was interested.

Yes Rachel, we miss the boys and we WILL take them as much as possible when we get home. You must be getting tired having them so much with no poor things. No, we have no idea yet when that will be. Were still speaking to each other and enjoying our trip. Imagine that.....21 days, or almost 500 hours together, and we're still speaking!

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