Saturday, October 20, 2007

We made it to CHARLESTON, SC.

We came to Charleston by way of Myrtle Beach, SC. We wanted to check it out as we've heard of Myrtle Beach, but didn't know what it was about. really couldn't get to the beaches unless you were at one of the hotels. It seems that these large hotels monopolize the beachfront. The town itself was just tourist trap after tourist we decided to move on to our original destination of Charleston. One good thing is that the weather is so beautiful. It was about 80, sunny and clear. BUT, we still don't smell the ocean. Doesn't the Atlantic ocean have that ocean smell that we are so accustomed to on the West Coast? Does anyone know? Its a very strange feeling to be at the ocean and not have that wonderful smell! And that's especially strange for my native Californian husband.

I neglected to mention what we were looking for while checking out the town and at the same time see the beach.....a Mexican restaurant! I've gone thru withdrawals after almost 4 weeks with no Mexican food and as we were driving closer to Myrtle Beach, we started seeing advertisements for Mexican restaurants. By the time we got there...I NEEDED Mexican food. Nothing else would do. Well, we found them....however, none of them seemed to open until dinner! We started out at 10am, thinking we'd have breakfast....then it was lunchtime and so we were sure they'd open for lunch...but..oh no.....for some stupid reason, they all chose to open for dinner. By this time, we were really starving and I reallllly needed Mexican food. I was ready to settle for Taco Bell, I was so desparate. Then we couldn't even find a Taco Bell!!!!

Now it was around 1:00 and we decided to just go back to where we had parked the MH, reattached the Jeep and headed to Charleston. We were about 10 minutes out of Myrtle Beach and lo and behold...there was a Mexican restaurant that was open! Mike didn't even have to ask. He pulled the motorhome into the adjoining shopping center parking lot and I was out the door! I have to was sooooo good! And pretty cheap to! Oh, I felt so much better and was once again, a "happy camper".

We arrived in Charleston, after going over some very high (and scary) bridges and stumbled across an RV park. It is very reasonably priced, has cell phone and internet reception, but no satellite. Oh well. There's nothing on Saturday's anyway. We ended up watching a movie that I bought at one of the Walmarts on clearance.....The General's Daughter. It was pretty good.

Oh, before we watched the movie, we went for a walk, but had to cut it short as the mosquitos were enjoying me for dinner. Mike didn't even get one bite, as ususal. I guess its my sweet blood. We've picked up a bunch of brochures of things to do and there's so much to'll have to stayed tuned to see what we end up doing. I think we'll be here for a few days at least.
Until tomorrow...

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