Sunday, October 28, 2007

We're in our 28th state!

That's the big ole state of Texas!

We left Hot Springs this morning and headed towards Crater of Diamonds State Park, about an hour and a half away. The weather was perfect and it was a bright, sunny day. We walked around the visitor center, admiring all the photos of the diamonds that have been found there, including a 1.55 carat found just last week! We felt out of place after seeing people coming in with their digging gear. Apparently these were serious diamond seekers. They said that some diamonds are just found laying on top of the dirt, some are found with minor dirt moving and others with serious digging.

So, we just headed out there hoping of course to find diamonds just waiting for us to see them. That didn't happen. We turned down a row and I found a spot and just started kicking the dirt with my shoes. I found some rocks and bent down to inspect and fell over. That would have made a funny video, but we didn't bring the camera in with us....just the digital. And, we forgot to take photos at that! Hoping no one saw me fall, I just sat down and starting digging with my fingers. Mike was looking elsewhere, so luckily he didn't see me fall either, so I was saved from being made fun of. I really got into it. I loved playing in the dirt. I wished I had a trowel or something to use. I found a small rock and dug with that. Then Mike saw me digging away and gave me his pocket knife to use. He wasn't too enthusiatic and wanted to leave. He was tired and hungry and kept asking me how long I was going to dig. So, I only dug for about a half hour and quit. If I had been prepared, I could have dug for hours. I found some rocks for the grandsons and I to clean and check out....but nothing that looks like diamonds. So we left as diamond poor as we came in. Oh well. It was an experience. Sorry diamonds!

Then we continued on our journey south and ended up in another Walmart parking lot in Marshall, TX. We're probably about 4 hours from Conroe, TX., where we are headed tomorrow to visit Mike's son Fred.

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