Friday, October 26, 2007

OK, so now we're in Arkansas!

So, its not somewhere I ever envisioned myself going.....however, since we are heading back west via Texas, it made sense to go via Arkansas. We are heading towards the Houston area to visit Fred, Mike's son.

We left the nice campground in Lawrenceburg, Tennessee after taking a walk around the area. It was a nice campground with lots of picnic areas. I wish we had areas like that near us. It was very inviting for get-togethers. We just decided to keep heading west on route 64...a scenic byway. It was a long day of driving. the terrain in parts of Tenn. was nice and rolling and then flattened out and was flat all the way thru Arkansas. We went thru Little Rock and then veered southwest towards Hot Springs National Park. We figured that we may as well check out another National Park even tho we never thought of doing so. It started getting a little hilly as we grew closer to the park area. It was dark and found a KOA near the park. We got settled in the nice park and were told that we can even order pizza to be delivered to our MH! Can you believe how we are roughing it? I ordered the pizza and it was delivered about 25 minutes later and can you believe, it was one of the best pizza's I've ever had! Wow. What a pleasure and a surprise at that.

We ate and then I had to take Lincoln out for a walk. The weather is absolutely perfect. It was 8:30pm and 67 degrees and perfect. Great sleeping weather. I love it. We'll check out the Nat'l. Park tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

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rach924 said...

Hello! Man 4 weeks without Mexican food!!!??? That is just unheard of. When we were in Amsterdam I had the craving and ended up very disappointed... glad your craving did not end the same way!

Love the hair mom!

It is dark and dreary here today but still in the mid 70's. It feels humid to me but I am sure it would feel very dry to you now. It is hard to imagine that people get used to that climate. Any positive that NY or DC may have had was over shadowed, for me, by the humidity (well except Broadway!!!) It was just miserable.

There are plenty of red, yellow, and orange leaves around here so you can come home anytime and check them out!

Well, glad to hear that you are still enjoying yourselves!