Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pizza anyone? That's "Mystic"!

Well, we had an interesting night last night.

First, we "camped" out at Walmart in Norwich, Conn. It was our first Walmart "campground" on this trip....but free. All was going well..Mike was in the bedroom sleeping and I was in the livingroom watching tv (Private Practice) and all of a sudden, the toilet started flushing....and flushing...and flushing. It wouldn't stop. It was possessed.

It woke Mike up and he asked what I was doing....I said that the toilet was going crazy. So, he groggily got up, and not too happy I might add, to see what was going on. He couldn't stop it so he unplugged the fuse. It stopped. Then he plugged the fuse in again and it wouldn't work. After reading thru the little instruction pamphlet and Mike trying to fix it, to no avail, he gave up and said we'll have to call the manufacturer in the morning.

To make a long story short, he called all around this morning, from our campsite in the Walmart parking lot, and no one had the part, a controller, in stock. So, we had to order it and have it overnighted to us. But, there was another problem. Where was it to be delivered???!?!?!? We decided to make a decision on where to go, find a campground, make reservations and then have the part delivered tomorrow. Thank goodness for computers with wireless internet and cell phones! How did people travel before?

So, we're now in Mystic, Conn. Its a little resort community on the water in So. Conn. And yes, its where the movie was filed. Of course, we went there for lunch. You'll see an awful picture of me standing in front of the restaurant. It was actually pretty good food.

Since we're staying put for a couple of days awaiting repairs (thank goodness for Mike), we decided it was time to find a vet for Lincoln. No.....not for that. But his terrier skin allergies have been acting up rather terribly due to being exposed to grass everywhere. He's not used to the grass at home since our grasses don't start growing yet. I found a vet and he has an appt. tomorrow for an allergy shot....poor baby. He's been on his best behavior since he was grounded after the incident in a few weeks ago.

We just rested the rest of today as Mike didn't sleep much last night due to the toilet issue, so it was an uneventful afternoon. Tomorrow, after our vet appt., we'll go sightseeing.


rach924 said...

So... Lincoln got the shot huh? Poor baby (yeah right), I hope his allergies are doing better. So what in the world are you doing without a toilet?? That must be awful for you especially! Jeff is very jealous that you had fresh Maine Lobster. That is the one thing he wanted to do on our East Coast trip (but we decided not to go that far north).

Yeah, those toll roads are the pitts! The first time we went on one we did not know we needed to take a ticket so when we got to the end of the road and asked for it we had to pay some obscene amount for our "lost ticket"! I hope you were smarter than us and did not learn the hard way!

I'm enjoying the house pictures, keep 'em coming! Oh, while you were in NY did you have any NY pizza?

David S said...

I am with Rach, "poor Lincoln"- NOT!

Good thing that when you pay that much for a motor-home it comes with a personal driver and mechanic! HAHAHA! Just tell him he could be at home working on a car, or grading a pad for a house, or fixing something at home- its a vacation! hehehe. So are you eating pretty bad so far? Diet when you get back?

Lauri said...

I like David's comments! Having fun reading your blog, though. Are you freezing or is the East having warm weather now that we are having cold? Are you going to stick it out? Sounds like you're having a blast (hmmmm...)! Just kidding. Everyone should take a cross-country trip. But you need a bathroom! Anyway...what incident were you referring to with Lincoln? Talk to you later! Hi to Mike! Lauri : )