Friday, October 19, 2007

No photos today...driving all day.

We made alot of distance today as we left Virginia, drove thru North Carolina (there wasn't anything we really wanted to see there) and went half way thru South Carolina.

We kept hearing about tornados to the south and west of us and we were trying to get out of the pathways of any bad storms. Apparently we outran them as it is almost 9:30pm and we are once again camped out at a Walmart, this time in Florence, South Carolina,. Its not too far from the coast. We will get there in the morning. However, its still 77 degrees and about 80% humidity.

I spotted a nice looking steak house not too far from Walmart, so we went there for dinner. Everything about the meal was fantastic. From the Ranch dressing on my salad, the great homemade whole wheat bread and to the unbelievable steaks we had. No complaints here....except when the bill came. Actually, the prices were pretty comparable to any steakhouse we normal go to. Mike ordered a Margarita, so I thought I would order a drink. For those of you who know me well.....I do not drink. But, I was relaxed and daring, so I chose a Pina Colada. I thought I couldn't go wrong with that sweet choice. Well, that too was excellent and I drank it all. However, a short time later I started to notice that I was getting a hot flash.....and I haven't gotten hot I've got one more reason not to drink! (And I'll save alot of money and calories too!)

Lincoln always gets excited when he sees us carrying a "white box" when we come home from eating out. He saw the box and then got a whiff of the steaks inside and went crazy. He was so excited that I felt guilty about not giving it to him. But it was so good, we are looking forward to the left overs for lunch tomorrow! Sorry Lincoln.

After dinner I went into Walmart to look for a Temperpdic pillow for Mike. Not for his head...but for his rear end. You see, ever since we left, it seems that when he sits for more than a half an hour driving, he gets a pain in his lower back that radiates down his hip and to his rear end and down his leg. It seems he has a pinched nerve and all the driving is aggrevating it. So, we thought that if he sat on one of those pillows, it may help relieve some of the pressure. I'll let you know how it works tomorow!

Oh, while Mike was doing all this driving thru the states today, I was daydreaming about my next vacation! Its been just about 5 weeks already and I'm liking vacations! Anyway, Rachel has booked a weekend cruise to Mexico on Feb. 29th on Royal Carribean, Friday-Monday to celebrate her 30th birthday. So...I started thinking that I would join her and take Lauri with me as a gift for her upcoming 50th birthday. (She doesn't want a party). I talked to David and he wants to go too. So.....anyone who wants to join us,let me know. The more the merrier and the prices are great. Anywhere from $229. per person on up...depending on the cabin you book. Its pretty cheap for room and board and entertainment! Lets plan a big gathering that weekend! Come on everyone!

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David S said...

What was the name of the steakhouse? If you come across any Wood Ranch Grill's you should try it- GREAT BBQ!