Saturday, October 27, 2007

We're still in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Well, today was rather a boring day for those wanting some exciting information.
Both of us were feeling drained...I think all of the traveling has caught up to us and on the same day! Good NOT humid! The weather is absolutely perfect. I actually had a good hair day.
We didn't even even leave the MH til about 11:00 and then headed out to find this Mexican restaurant that is advertised as the best Mexican food in the entire State of Arkansas. So....I had to try it. It took us a while to find it, getting lost twice. We found it, yeah! Anyway, it started off well with very good chips and so-so salsa. Actually, my food was good. Mike didn't care for his too much and brought part of it home for Lincoln. Lincoln loved it by the way.

Then we decided to drive into the Hot Springs Nat'l Park, expecting to find spectacular sights as in most National Parks. However, we drove and drove and realized that all the shops and things we kept seeing WERE the National Park. We can't really understand why they call it a National Park other than the hot springs that they've apparently turned into resorts. Oh well.

After driving all around and feeling drained, we decided to come back and do laundry. We had 5 loads to do. Or should I say "I" had 5 loads to do. Several hours later, laundry clean, we ventured into town to find dinner. (Too tired to cook too.) We found a cheap Chinese buffet and ate there. It was good for the price. Although we feel hungry now just an hour later!

I'm filling in alot of my time working. I know...I'm not supposed to work. However, I love my work and I love helping people find what they are looking for or getting my listings sold. I'm working on some deals and that's keeping me busy while Mike relaxes and watches TV.

BUT, tomorrow I'm looking forward to something that is exciting to me. And MOM, you're going to be jealous. We're going to the only DIAMOND mine in the United States. Its about an hour from where we are now and you better believe we'll be going there! I bet I'll keep you all checking in tomorrow to see if I'm rich with diamonds! Stayed Tuned,


Clay said...

Hi Jeri, my name is Clay Hays, author of and webmaster of, the latter of which you really need to take a look at! Sorry if I sound a bit huffy, but you are the 2nd "cross-country traveling blogger" I've encountered while checking my Google Alerts. (I've got one set for "Hot Springs Arkansas" that found this post)
2nd blogger, that is, with uninformed opinions of my fair city. The last one was about the same; man, woman and dog in RV happen into Hot Springs. They too had an unfavorable review, citing similar issues revolving around t-shirt shops downtown. Only they were artists! "Artists" who somehow missed the fact that intermingled amongst those obligatory sovenir and t-shirt shops are some of the best art galleries in the entire South. Art galleries that put Hot Springs in the top 10 of at least 2 different lists of the country's top art communities. And, like you, seemed to have missed the beautiful and historic bath houses on the other side of Central Avenue downtown. Oh you mentioned them, but "resorts" is what you called them I believe, and resorts they are not. Did you know every one of those was built way before you were born? And they, and the natural hot springs flowing through them, are the reason Hot Springs is America's 1st National Park? You may have learned some of this had you only exited your vehicle!
You see, like the other blogger, all one had to do was read your entries to find out what actually happened. They got rained on for 2 days while they were here. You and poor Mike obviously need a rest! (Oct. 22-We're in Charleston, SC...Oct. 23-We're in Florida...Oct. 24-We're in Georgia...Oct. 25-We're in Tennessee...Oct.26-We're in Arkansas...Oct. 27-We "drove" around the park and Hot Springs sucks!...Oct. 28-We're in our 28th state!) Whew! I'm surprised you were even mildly impressed with anything you saw in those 7 days!
By the way, I never read anyone else's blog, and therefore never comment on anyone else's blog. Now I've been forced to do so twice.
I submit, as I did with the other negative blogger, that you look at just the home page or history page on my site
if nothing else. And perhaps come back when you'll have time to actually get out of the car.

Mike said...

I don't think the best Mexican restaurant in Arkansas is in Hot Springs; at least I hope it isn't. There are exceptional BBQ restaurants and pizza (Rod's primarily) places to choose from in Hot Springs. Save your Chinese and Mexican cravings until you've gotten your fill of BBQ and pizza. This is not the peak time of year for things to do but make sure you take the mountain drives and maybe take a hike or stop for a picnic on the Prominade or at Gulpha Gorge. If you didn't tour through the National Park visitor's center you really should check it out.