Saturday, October 13, 2007

We're in Pennsylvania

We left Mystic, CT. this morning to head down towards Hershey, PA. Any guess as to why this chocaholic would want to go there?

So, we drove thru Conn. and New York and are camping out again in a Walmart parking lot 4 miles from Hershey. The campgrounds were pretty full for the weekend, so we figured we'd let people clear out tomorrow (Sunday) and then we could head into a campground and then start eating my way around Hershey!

What we discovered on our long drive today was that Conn. was a pretty boring drive, but once again, New York surprised us. It has more greenery, rolling hills and some small mountains. Then it even got prettier when we entered Pennsylvania...more rolling hills, small mountains and lots of greenery. We had expected flat lands but are pleasantly surprised.

Sorry there's nothing exciting to report nor any photos...its just one of those travel days.

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