Friday, October 12, 2007

Our toilet is fixed...YEAH!

Thank goodness I bring along my mechanic/handyman with me as I now have a working toilet again....oh, the simple pleasures in life! The part arrived at noon today and so while I watched All My Children, Mike fixed the toilet!

This morning we took Lincoln to the vet and he got a shot and some pills. So he is on the road to recovery! What a nice day.

After all the repairs, we decided to take a drive to Rhode Island which turned out to only be a few miles away from where we were staying in Conneticut. On the maps, its looks so far, but in reality, these states are so close together. Within a minute of entering R.I., we encountered awesome homes. I couldn't get my cameras out fast enough. I grabbed my video camera first and therefore have alot more on video. The digital only captured a few homes as we were driving too fast to get many photos and people were behind us, so we couldn't stop to oogle and take pictures. Sorry. You'll al just have to come to the video watching party!

Then we came back to Mystic and went to a bunch of shops. I usually don't like shopping, but these shops were each unique and next to each other. It was fun. We walked up an appetite and went for dinner at a steakhouse nearby. It was delicious. Speaking of delicious...David asked if we've been enjoying our food or if we're watching what we eat. Well, we are enjoying our food as we watch it go into our mouths. No one will recognize us when we return as we feel so fat! But, we decided this is a trip of a lifetime and we were going to enjoy it totally, and that includes eating whatever we so desire. Its been very enjoyable. And we're addicted to the Friendly's restaurants!!!!

So, tomorrow we will be moving on and heading towards Pennsylvania.
HEY, does anyone know why we cannot smell the ocean? We noticed this as soon as we got to the ocean in Maine and in each state at the ocean, we can't get over the fact that there is no good ocean smell like we get at the Pacific Coast. Can anyone explain this? Its a very weird feeling.

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