Saturday, October 6, 2007

Friday in New Hampshire

I had resolved myself to not getting TV, cell or internet as we chose to stay the Forest Service Campground just south of Berlin City, New Hampshire. To my surprise, I had some internet and cell service...not a strong signal, but something was better than nothing. Satellite reception was out of the question as we were swallowed up by beautiful trees and the satellite dish needs a clear view of the southern sky to get reception. In the past, we've had what we thought was clear views, but the farther north we go, the harder it is to obtain.

To make a long story short, Thursday night we took a walk around the area as when we came back to our site, I laughingly said, "Wouldn't it be something if satellite could get thru that tiny break in the trees over there?" Mike said, "Well it doesn't cost anything to try." So, I turned on the satellite and it searched to no avail. I grabbed a magazine and just as I sat down, the TV came on with a clear picture!!!!! We were frozen in disbelief! Here were were in the middle of nowhere with thousands of trees and one small opening to the sky and we got satellite!!!!!!!! Unbelievable, as I got to watch AMC and Greys Anatomy!

We got up early Friday to head down to North Conway and check out the scenic train rides. The swesomely beautiful and warm weather continued, making it a concern about leaving Lincoln in the motorhome or the car while we took a the train. Lo and behold again, when we checked out the train rides...they allowed dogs! The rule was they only allow "well behaved dogs", but Lincoln feels that describes him. So, we bought our tickets (Lincoln was free), and went for breakfast til it was time to board. I'll fill you in more on the day later.

OK...I'm back....I lost internet for most of the day. Anyway, not to change the subject, but this is related to having breakfast before our train ride. Back in Parma, NY, we discovered a restaurant called "Friendly's". (By the way, I don't remember if I mentioned Parma before, but its a small town in Upper NY that I absolutely loved. It had the small town atmosphere, yet had shopping, etc. I wish I could find a town like that in California. The homes were awesome and I kick myself for not taking photos or video as we went thru. We actually came upon it unexpectedly and weren't prepared for photo taking til it was too late. Its not easy to turn around and maneuvre around in the huge bus towing a car that we are in.

Getting back to Friendlys, it was great food at great prices. It also specializes in all of its ice cream desserts, some of which we had to try. Needless to say, we waddled out of there that afternoon and were still full til bedtime. So, everytime we were hungry and started looking for a place to eat in various towns, we looked for a Friendlys. That takes us back to breakfast Friday morning....we were looking for a quick place to eat near the train station and wouldn't you know it....there was a Friendly's. We hadn't tried breakfast there before and were so pleasantly surprised when their breakfast special was so much food for only $3.29. It was the cheapest meal we've had on this entire trip! For those of you who know me know how much I loooovvve a bargain!

The weather was perfect, low 80's, so we rode in the open car. It was just perfect. The scenery, the views, the weather and so very relaxing. Lincoln really enjoyed it too. He received so much attention from everyone. People were coming over and asking if they could pet him. He acted stuck up as usual. There was an extended family seated all around us. The parents were in their early 70's and their 3 grown kids and their families were there too. They were all taking this trip together. It was nice visiting with them and fun watching the family interact. They were from Maine, so they were filling us in. I just daydreamed about how awesome it would be if MY family could all take a trip together. (Hint,

After our relaxing train ride, we headed back to camp to just relax. It was then that I found out that I could no longer get internet which drove me crazy. Nothing changed, so I couldn't understand why I didn't get it then when I had it the night I had cell reception. Go figure.

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