Tuesday, October 23, 2007

We're in Florida

We left Charleston this morning to head south. No real destination.....just south. We were hoping to find less humid weather...but it wasn't looking that way as we continued on our drive south.

We went thru the eastern part of Georgia and entered Florida. It started getting late and we

ended up finding a campground in St. Augustine, FL., which is south of Jacksonville. It was even hotter and about the same humidity. So, we settled into the MH, turned on the air and just vegged out. I don't remember if I mentioned a while back the the front air conditioner stopped working. I may not have mentioned it because it was a non-issue due to the cool weather we had in the northeast. But, now it IS an issue since we're into the hot, muggy weather. Luckily, once we stop driving and get the diesel engine from producing heat, we are able to cool down the whole MH just from running the bedroom A/C.

So, we were cooled down and relaxed and Mike suggested we take a drive to check out the beach. I was up for that because I'd at least like to say I had my feet in the Atlantic ocean and see what it feels like. We took the Jeep for a 15 minute drive to the beach, by now it was almost dark. The sign said no dogs were allowed, so Mike said he'd stay at the car and I could go dip my feet in the water. (We couldn't leave Lincoln in the car because it was too hot.)

WOW! I could not believe it! The sand is white and soft, not hard on the feet like the Pacific Ocean sands. Then I walked to the water and WOW again! It was so warm! I didn't want to leave! I wanted to just stay there for hours! Can you believe that this 50 year old never felt this kind of beach before? We're going to head back to the beach first thing in the AM tomorrow, leaving Lincoln in the MH. I'll let you know how it is.

A funny thing happened though when we got back from the drive to the beach. We pulled up to the MH, I opened the door and my glasses fogged up!!!! I've never had that happen like that before. It was certainly weird (and humid).

Late night update: Its about 10:20pm and I just took Lincoln out before I went to bed. Its still 81 degrees out and probably 90% humidity. I was out just 3 minutes with him and my skin was wet and clammy. We are so spoiled in our dry climate, but this makes me love it even more.

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