Wednesday, October 10, 2007

We went thru 4 states today!

Well...after meandering and taking our time in the Northern US, we left Maine, went thru southern New Hampshire, thru Massachussets and down into Connecticut. We're mostly thru to the Southern part of Conn., towards the coast. Our goal tomorrow is to go checkout the Mystic area. Have you heard of the movie "Mystic Pizza"? That is where the movie was set. Its supposed to be a quaint waterfront town. So, I'll let you know.

What we did discover since we finally got on the highways (verses the side roads we've been taking), is that its expensive!!!! There are costly toll roads, especially in Maine and New Hampshire. We decided we don't like that at all. California is looking better and better all the time. We (and most everyone else in CA.) take our beautiful state for granted. You all must travel away from CA. to truly appreciate all that our state has to offer....mountains galore, deserts, oceans, valleys and great weather.

No photos today as we were just on the highways all day.

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