Thursday, October 18, 2007

Blue Ridge Mountains

We hardly slept last night as the traffic going by the Walmart campground (parking lot) was soooo loud. We country folk are not used to all the traffic noise plus Mike discovered that it was at a lighted intersection going uphill, so everyone had to rev their engines as they started from the green light. Mike fell asleep quickly at first (from driving exhaustion) so I was left to my own accord.

Leaving this fraidycat awake alone in a busy parking lot left me constantly watching out the windows. As it was getting quite dark, I noticed a trashed out van parked nearby and facing our motorhome. I saw two people sitting in it for quite some time and I started to wonder what they were doing. So I got out the binaculars and tried to play detective and watch them without being spotted. It was quite funny if anyone had seen me. I'm glad they didn't. Nothing ever came of it and I went to be around 11:30 with a headache from the binoculars. I think all the adjustments I did to see clearly hurt my eyes and then my head!

So, we arose early and left to tour the Blue Ridge Mountain Range today. It was a feast for our eyes as the leaves were changing and were beautiful. The reds were so vibrant it was unreal. We took video and photos but after looking at the photos to download, I noticed that the camera didn't capture the colors. I hope the video did because they were awesome.

We decided to end the day early and found a quiet campground in Roanoke, VA. Its in Southern Virginia. Tomorrow we'll continue south and into North Carolina and then into South Carolina. Our next destination is Charleston, SC.


Lauri said...

Nice, Fall colors on the trees in VA! But I hear Charleston, SC is really nice, too! Let me know! Will watch your blog for pics. Glad you're having a good time....putting up with Lincoln's moods!!!

rach924 said...

Love the houses! I still can't believe you did not taste anything from the bakery in Hershey!!! I think that was Jeff's favorite part of our trip. Can't wait for the video party!