Monday, October 29, 2007

We're in Conroe, Texas

We made it to Conroe, Tx. by mid-afternoon after about a 3 hour drive from where we were camped out in a Marshall, Tx. Walmart. We found a nice campground near Fred's house and chose a private spot that they call "a premium lake front lot". We laughed when we saw the spot. It was very nice, but the lake is really a pond. Oh well, it looks pretty.

We quickly set-up the MH and then spent the rest of the day at Fred & Beth's home. Lincoln went too. It was the first time met his Texas dog relatives as they have two large dogs. Of course, Lincoln thought he was big and tough....but they all got along fine after the initial nervousnes of meeting new dogs.

It was good to see Fred & Beth. They are both looking good, Fred as thin as always. Mike commented that you can't tell they're related! Fred barbequed rib-eye steaks and made garlic bread from the bread that he personally made. He works at a large Texas supermarket in the bakery dept. Dinner was good as well as the Texas ice cream called Blue Bell. We left their home late and headed back "home". We planned to meet tomorrow and spend the day together. Fred has to go into work tonight at 11:00pm and work until we'll see tomorrow what time he's ready to get together. While we wait for them to call us, we'll sit and enjoy our "lake views".

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