Tuesday, October 30, 2007

An enjoyable day with Fred & Beth

We spent the day with Fred & Beth just hanging out. We visited in the motorhome for a while and then went to lunch. We requested Mexican food (of course) and they said there are alot of good Mexican restaurants around, but took us to one of their favorites called "Chuys". It was delicious!!!! Mike thinks it was better than the Elko, NV. restaurant, but I don't agree. Either way, it was a great lunch.

After lunch, we went on a hunt for a book store as I was looking for a particular book. We eventually found it at Barnes & Noble. I wanted a good book to read on our long drive home thru the deserts!

We came back to the MH and visited until dark and then they had to leave because Fred worked all night and only slept 2 hours this morning. He really needed to go home to sleep.
We had a very enjoyable, relaxing day. It was a nice visit. We hope they come out our way to visit in the near future.

Right after they left, I got a call from Rachel saying that Ben got kicked out of school today! My perfect Ben! I cannot believe that. I wish I was home to talk to him. Apparently he was in a fight at school....which doesn't sound like him at all. I can't wait to hear the details as Rachel learns them. She just found out as she left work and got the messages on her cell phone. (She's not allowed to have her cell on at work.) He is going to miss out on all the Halloween parties tomorrow at school. So being kicked out of school during this particular week is extra bad. He can go back on Thursday. Stay tuned for details....

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