Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Still in Vermont

We decided to stay another day here in Stowe, Vt. Its nice not having to pack up and move everyday. However, we drove around in our Jeep Liberty for hours viewing the countryside and taking photos and videos. We have some great videos....so we'll have to arrange a video viewing party when we return.

For those who didn't know what is in Watersbury, VT., I will tell you since we went there today. It is the original Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Factory. We did the tour thing and had our sample of a new flavor and then left. Whoopi! We thought it was going to be much bigger than it was. It was perhaps on an acre or two and the whole tour was less than a half hour. Well, at least we can say "Been There, done That."

Then we spent the rest of the day driving around. It was very nice. Apparently there's a huge ski resort here....we discovered....and they're starting to get things ready for the upcoming ski season. Right now we have the most perfect weather. The weather people keep saying they can't belive this weather. I think we brought it with us. Anyway, its in the low 70's which they say is the typical weather for a month ago.

We may stay here another day and explore another area...I'll keep you posted.

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David S said...

VT look's pretty! Are you keeping track of what cities have the most Prius'?? Where have you seen them the most, or not at all?